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"Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations"

-Matthew 28:18-20

June Mission of the Month
Cuba Sister Church

Pastor Rodriguez and his wife Yusdelkis sent our church the following update on the ministry in our Cuban Sister Church in Santiago Cuba.  We are in their prayers.  Let us keep them in ours.  As you can see in the report, God is at work in our sister Church in Cuba.  Please prayerfully consider your support in the mission of the month for our sister church.


Here I send you a script about everything we have done working in our church.

We have proposed to give a lunch every Sunday for all the brothers with the resources that they themselves bring once the service is over. We are discipling 20 new believers to then baptize them so they become members of our church.

We are creating several cell houses in various places and thus reaching new believers.

We hold several services during the week on Wednesday Bible Study and prayer where we do not stop praying for you.

On Sundays we hold Sunday school and main worship with an attendance of 85 brothers each Sunday.

We have a membership of 107 members.

We celebrated Bible Day where we went with the brothers to a park where we all read the Bible for an hour. We celebrated the Thanksgiving service with a talent festival for Christmas. We celebrated Epiphany by doing an activity with all the children.

We have held evangelistic services with a large number of children and adults.

We carry out weddings, baptisms, Holy Communion services, united services with other Methodist churches and other denominations, workshops for marriages, courses for training leaders, counseling for young single couples. With our resources, we have brought food to hospitalized brothers and other families.


We celebrate wedding vows, sometimes we climb high hills where we pray for all the inhabitants of our country municipality and we also pray for you. In the love of God and Christ fraternally Pastor Diosmany Rodríguez Sibadie

Wife Yusdelkis Rodríguez Mulet. God bless you.



Submitted by Rick Norwood, Sun City Center United Methodist representative to our sister church in Santiago Cuba.

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We are a passionate congregation about reaching out in our local community as well as across the world with the love of Jesus Christ.  We try to include an element of Missions in almost everything we do.  We love traveling to places such as Africa, Peru, Cuba and many more as well as helping local missions such as the Fight Against Human Trafficking, Good Samaritan Mission, our UMC Children's Home and many more.  Please consider getting involved in making a difference.

For more information about any of our mission ministries contact the church office at 813-634-2538

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The Disaster Response Team helps those who have been impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other disastrous situations. We respond both locally and beyond our community to provide help. The Disaster Response Team’s mission is

“To provide a caring Christian presence in the
aftermath of disaster
For further information regarding this mission ministry, please click the the button below:



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mission of the Month at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center.  As the Mission team, we are excited to learn more about your mission.


We receive many requests to become part of this program.  We prayerfully read all applications with special consideration given to missions whose program is dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ and show a proven history of successful ministry.  All missions accepted as Mission of the Month must support the mission and vision of the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center.  Because we currently have many applications, not every mission that applies will be accepted this year.


We will closely study the goals of your mission, the actual percentage of your proposed budget that directly supports the slated mission, and your plans for documentation and ongoing evaluation and accountability.   Should we support your mission, we will ask for a follow up at the end of the year, stating how the funds that you received were used.


Please complete the enclosed application and return it to:


The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center

Attention:  Missions Team

1971 Haverford Ave.

Sun City Center, FL 33573-5224


Blessings to you, and thank you for all that you do in moving forth in your mission to make a difference in our community and in God’s world. 

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