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"Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations"

-Matthew 28:18-20

CAHT is an all-volunteer, faith-based nonprofit whose vision is to improve the quality of life of our marginalized, struggling families and individuals in our neighborhoods in the South Shore area. We focus on the under belly of our communities’ social issues by providing emergency safe shelter to traumatized individuals and families who seek a safe place to stay; education and prevention training about human trafficking and domestic violence that includes our puppet shows to elementary and junior high students on bullying; tangible items to victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse; scholarships; a school mentoring program; counseling for victims; and  mental health workshops; rental and legal assistance; and activities that focus on our large Hispanic population’s needs. In 2022, CAHT funded 133 individuals and families,  handled over 77 referrals and sponsored 19 scholarships to deserving students, mostly from our Hispanic communities, who would not otherwise have been able to continue their educational dreams. Domestic violence and other forms of exploitation are on the rise in the South Shore area and is considered one of the root causes that leads to making teens and adults vulnerable to becoming human trafficking victims. 

CAHT gives hope and compassion to those in need:

“The words from my phone calls with CAHT’s Annie and Robbie echoed back to me with a sound of Love as I was touched within my heart in exultation. I consider my stay here at the hotel as a divine intervention to cross my path as I was almost in the streets the night before. My body froze as I was traveling to a safe place as a blessing and I was in tears, I was off the streets, safe and feeling that someone cared and was going to help me. I like to mention that I am a domestic violence abused wife for over a year now. I was beaten up many times by my husband, but this time he tried to kill me by beating me up with a baseball bat, I was on the floor as my husband called 911 and I was taken to the hospital while my husband was arrested for 1st degree attempted  murder and is still in jail now. I was asked by our landlord to move out of our house as the rent was not paid and I became homeless and afraid. Thank you for your encouragement and helping destitute women like me who have experienced domestic violence.  I pray for God’s Favor to be unleashed upon you all.   Victim survivor  - R. I.”

CAHT could not provide these types of needed support without the appreciative support from Sun City Center United Methodist Church.  It is a partnership that we are truly grateful for. For more information, please look at our web page: or call our president, Lou Anne Rochester at 847-524-9215.

Let Us Be a United Voice in God’s Name to Stop the Suffering of our Neighbors!

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We are a passionate congregation about reaching out in our local community as well as across the world with the love of Jesus Christ.  We try to include an element of Missions in almost everything we do.  We love traveling to places such as Africa, Peru, Cuba and many more as well as helping local missions such as the Fight Against Human Trafficking, Good Samaritan Mission, our UMC Children's Home and many more.  Please consider getting involved in making a difference.

For more information about any of our mission ministries contact the church office at 813-634-2538

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The Disaster Response Team helps those who have been impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other disastrous situations. We respond both locally and beyond our community to provide help. The Disaster Response Team’s mission is

“To provide a caring Christian presence in the
aftermath of disaster
For further information regarding this mission ministry, please click the the button below:



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mission of the Month at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center.  As the Mission team, we are excited to learn more about your mission.


We receive many requests to become part of this program.  We prayerfully read all applications with special consideration given to missions whose program is dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ and show a proven history of successful ministry.  All missions accepted as Mission of the Month must support the mission and vision of the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center.  Because we currently have many applications, not every mission that applies will be accepted this year.


We will closely study the goals of your mission, the actual percentage of your proposed budget that directly supports the slated mission, and your plans for documentation and ongoing evaluation and accountability.   Should we support your mission, we will ask for a follow up at the end of the year, stating how the funds that you received were used.


Please complete the enclosed application and return it to:


The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center

Attention:  Missions Team

1971 Haverford Ave.

Sun City Center, FL 33573-5224


Blessings to you, and thank you for all that you do in moving forth in your mission to make a difference in our community and in God’s world. 

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