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Chorus, and Orchestra


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We have an exciting and diverse music ministry and the support behind it in our audio, visual and lighting team!

We have a vibrant and growing Hispanic congregation. From their contemporary service to their liturgical dancers, they invite you to experience the love of God.


We are a passionate congregation about reaching out  in our local community as well as across the world with the love of Jesus Christ. We try to include an element of Missions in almost everything we do. 


Our worship experiences have many opportunities for you to serve our congregation with the love of the Lord where everyone is welcome. From the parking lot to the pew, we welcome you!


We have a large force of caring individuals that  know that their passion in life is to care for other people. Do you have this longing in your heart? If so, you may want to become part of our Congregational Care ministry.


We are pleased to have you join us on our mission to welcome all to Christ’s table through food and fellowship.


Our mission is to extend the message of Jesus Christ to the community. We would love to get your thoughts and ideas on new and exciting ways we can reach and support our community.

The purpose of the College program is to inform, entertain, and inspire. A broad curriculum of subjects is offered to serve the interests and needs of its students. All courses are taught by highly qualified instructors drawn primarily from the local community. Along with our educational programs, we also offer stimulating trips and tours.

By offering non-credit courses, students benefit from the stimulus of lectures and discussions in an informal and relaxed environment.

One of the largest and yet one of the best-kept secrets in this community is the Mary Petro Foundation.

Petro was a community resident who passed away in 2009 leaving behind a $2.3 million trust to help her less fortunate neighbors. This money is specifically earmarked for residents with limited income who have difficulty paying for food or medications.

Residents who qualify for the program can get up to $100 a month for food and $1,500 a year for medication.


We care about the health of your spiritual growth, so we have studies on Sunday Mornings and/or during the week with one of our Pastors or facilitators to meet you wherever you are!

The Disaster Response Team helps those who have been impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or other  disastrous situations. We respond both locally and beyond our community to provide help.


We love this newer ministry that is educating our congregation and our community in the areas of health and wellness.We put on special presentation such as Diabetes          Seminars, Medicare Seminars and  other informative lectures.


We offer several support groups to help you or begin you on your journey to healing and  recovery.  Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to find solace and peace in your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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