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Mission of the Month  – Watoto Children’s Home

Watoto is a Christian organization founded by Gary and Marilyn Skinner to rescue orphans and vulnerable women in Uganda, Africa. Watoto Child Care Ministries has cared for more than 4,000 orphaned and vulnerable children since it was established in 1994, with over 3,000 currently receiving care. Some are former child soldiers and some were born to rebel leaders during the civil war. Many of these children have gone on to become lawyers, teachers,   computer scientists, journalists, farmers and doctors. As a result of the care and education they have received, they are now impacting society in a positive way.

 At the heart of every Watoto village is the family structure. Watoto believes that when orphaned and vulnerable children are placed in a loving family environment with a mother and siblings who love them, the children find a place that they can call home. The villages incorporate outdoor spaces with sports fields and landscaped areas that allow the children to play and develop their social skills.

Since 2010, our church has sponsored a home in Bbira Village outside of Kampala, Uganda. The home consists Momma Martha, trained by Watoto and seven children:  Bandon, 4; Mohammed, 7; Paige and Sydney , 9; Miamuna and Juma, 14; and Edward, 19.  Sydney has been chosen for the Watoto Children’s Choir and            Edward is preparing for college.

Mission teams from SCCUMC have traveled to Uganda on five occasions and report the children are happy and healthy, like their school work, and growing in their Christian faith.  Members of our congregation correspond by  letter with Momma Martha and the children and the children respond with letters of their own.  In every letter the children express their gratitude, thank God for our support, and pray for our church daily.  These letters are always available to our members by contacting your Mission Team.



Monthly Missions
Each year in the fall, the Missions Team accepts applications for the following year’s Mission of the Month.
The Team reviews the applications and decides which organizations/ causes will be included. Each mission partner has a UMCSCC member “Ambassador” who is actively involved with the partner and is able to answer any questions you may have regarding it. 
Thank you so much for the wonderful support you as a congregation have given our mission partners. You have been such a blessing and have changed so many lives by your generosity.
If you would like to be the M.O.M., please contact the church office for further information. Blessings from your Mission Team
2016 M.O.M.
Jan. – Campaign Against Human Trafficking
Feb.- Haven of Hope
Mar. – Disaster Response Team
Apr.- Vacation Bible School
May – SouthEast Asian Relief
Jun. – Under The Cross Youth
Jul. – Watoto Mission Cottage
Aug. – Cuba Sister Church
Sep. – Alzheimer’s
Oct. – Good Samaritan Mission
Nov. – Pastor Discretionary Fund
Dec. – Salvation Army