From the Hispanic Congregation:



The Hispanic Ministry celebrated its 7th Anniversary at the end of August. In case you didn’t attend, Se lo pierdo!!! When Hispanics say that, it means you missed out (on something good). We had such a great time celebrating all what God has given this ministry in 7 years. We thank the Pastors and Anglo congregation and Rev. Rinaldo Rivera and his wife who came to celebrate with us. Our ushers and members gathered to decorate the church beautifully. Once everything was set and the service started the group of worship sang bilingual songs, and then The Debora dance group performed, which was coordinated by our sister Claudia. It was so beautiful. The dance even brought our Pastora into tears, the women dancing have prayed hard for their families, their husbands, and children and for themselves. God has come through in his promises, and it brought Pastora to happy tears. The Generation del Reino, danced with their teacher Ivelisse with tambourines. It was beautiful to see how many girls are dancing for the kingdom of God. We thank God for their teacher who has not only helped them perform a praise dance but has also insisted the girls to bring their bible to practice so she can teach them the word of God and understand that they are dancing for God. The Youth did a glow in the dark skit, and afterwards some of the Youth showed the skills they have been learning on the guitar from our brother Felix. Our newest ministries were Generation de Gigantes (Gigi). They are the grandparents in our church and they performed a poem. Afterwards, the children’s ministry “Chiquitos pero fuertotes” which means “Little ones but strong ones” sang ‘My God is not old’ and the group with Magali had everyone to get up and sing. Afterwards, Rev. Rinaldo came with a powerful sermon. He stated when he entered into the service in the beginning when we were praying, that God had revealed to him words that the congregation needed to hear. Rev. Rinaldo proclaimed what the Spirit told him, “Today is the 1st day of the 8th year. Seven years have passed, a cycle has ended and a new cycle of seven more years has started. This is the new cycle for the church. This is the year of fulfillment, to start new things, the cycle of multiplication. Seven years you have spent harvesting, now is the time of harvest. This is the cycle of expansion, this is your Jerusalem, and we will extend until the end of the Earth. This is time of explosion of God. The fuel needed comes from The Holy Spirit.” Overall, a powerful service filled with The Holy Spirit as our special guest of honor. Now that the word of God has been given to his church, like Psalm 20:4 says, “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Amen.

What's Happening through the week:


5:00-6:30pm Ministry Tutoring

6:30-7:15pm Choir Rehearsal

7:00-9:30pm Ministry Prayer Service



5:00-6:00pm Women's Study

6:00-7:30pm Dance Ministry

6:00-7:00pm Praise Team Rehearsal

6:30-7:30pm Spanish Class

7:30-8:45 Bible Study

7:30-8:30pm Young Adult Study

8:00-8:45pm New Generation Dance Rehearsal (Children)



On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month

Hispanic Fast and Prayer Ministry


6:15-7:15pm Dance Team Rehearsl



Worship Service


4:30-5:45 Children Ministry

4:30-5:30 Youth Group

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