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20/20 God's Perfect Vision

"Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done - In Me

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done - In My Church"

"How Do We See Ourselves?"

Pastor Charlie Rentz

Numbers 13

From the Senior Pastor

For a number of years we have paid tribute to Black History Month at UMCSCC.  This came about through the vision and work of Jeff Jordan.  Under his direction the Chancel Choir, Praise Team, different Ensembles and soloists have blessed us with music that pays honor to the African American tradition.  It is truly music from the soul, that is a source of well being, struggle and even survival.  It is music that teaches virtue, recalls history, and above all honors God.  Many songs were written and sung in the Call and Response Tradition and were actually work songs sung by enslaved people working on plantations.  Throughout this month of February, we have again experienced several special selections from this tradition.

We just completed a 7 week sermon series entitled "Discovering God's Vision For Our Lives."  The Lenten Season will soon be upon us and I will soon begin another new sermon series for this special season of the year.  During this interlude between sermon series the Lord put something on my heart to do what I have never done in my ministry.  I felt led to write and preach a sermon that would pay honor and tribute tot he African American worship tradition.  The Call and Response Tradition is pervasive in the African American Preaching Tradition.

After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, before the Hebrew children crossed over the Jordan River and took possession of the Promised Land, Moses sent out spies to scout out the land.  Today;s message comes from that story found in Numbers 13 as we ponder the question, "How Do We See Ourselves?"