Jun 18, 2017
“Pray Like This”
"Pray Like This"
Matthew 6:1-14
Pastor Charlie Rentz
  • Jun 18, 2017“Pray Like This”
    Jun 18, 2017
    “Pray Like This”
    "Pray Like This"
    Matthew 6:1-14
    Pastor Charlie Rentz
  • Jun 11, 2017“What Did I Say?”
    Jun 11, 2017
    “What Did I Say?”
    Matthew 5:43-48
  • Jun 4, 2017“Happy Birthday to Us”
    Jun 4, 2017
    “Happy Birthday to Us”
    "Happy Birthday to Us"

    Dr. Charles D. Rentz

    Happy Birthday church! Today is Pentecost, the day we celebrate the birth of the church as recorded in Acts 2. This is another exciting day in the life of UMCSCC. This morning we will welcome 42 more new members into our church family. We will also celebrate our graduating seniors. Following the sermon, we will gather around the table of our Lord to celebrate Holy Communion. As the Holy Spirit descended on those faithful followers in Jerusalem on Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit descend on us again today. May our prayer be the prayer of the early church. Lord, give us power and boldness!


  • May 29, 2017“A Little Salt and a Little Light Make a Lot of Difference”
    May 29, 2017
    “A Little Salt and a Little Light Make a Lot of Difference”

    We usually think of Jesus being a teacher, a rabbi, a prophet and a healer. However, we usually don't think of him as a "preacher" but he obviously preached to the crowds. The success of any gifted preacher lies in the ability to use simple, ordinary illustrations and object lessons that the average person can understand and relate to. Such is the case as Jesus begins his most famous sermon by talking about something that everyone was familiar with and understood. Salt and Light. Things so common that over 2000 years later, we as disciples and followers of Jesus living in 2017 can understand and relate to. This morning Jesus reminds us that WE are SALT - WE are LIGHT!


  • May 22, 2017“Keep the Law, Break the Rules”
    May 22, 2017
    “Keep the Law, Break the Rules”
    "Keep the Law, Break the Rules"
  • May 14, 2017Attitude Check
    May 14, 2017
    Attitude Check
    "Attitude Check"
  • May 7, 2017Sermon on the Mount
    May 7, 2017
    Sermon on the Mount
    Sermon on the Mount
    Dramatic Monologue

    This morning I will be presenting the Sermon on the Mount in Dramatic Monologue. The "Sermon" as recorded in Matthew 5-7 contains some of the most familiar teachings of Jesus. In this "Sermon" Jesus calls his followers to live the incredible ethic of love. Over the next several weeks, we will be looking at passages from the Sermon on the Mount and how they speak to us today. Over the next several months, we will be looking at the stories and parables from Matthew and the teachings of Jesus about the Kingdom of Heaven. The Sermon on the Mount will set the stage for the coming weeks and months. Today, imagine yourself as one of the people who gathered long ago on that hillside overlooking the Sea of Galilee as Jesus spoke these unforgettable words.


  • Apr 30, 2017Absolutely No Regrets…Now
    Apr 30, 2017
    Absolutely No Regrets…Now
    Series: John 20
    "Absolutely No Regrets...Now"
    John 20
  • Apr 23, 2017The Easter Dream Continues
    Apr 23, 2017
    The Easter Dream Continues
    Series: Easter Dream
    John 20:19-30
  • Apr 16, 2017Easter Sunday 2017
    Apr 16, 2017
    Easter Sunday 2017
    Easter Sunday 2017
    Wake Up Call