Mar 25, 2018
“Hands Raised”
  • Mar 25, 2018“Hands Raised”
    Mar 25, 2018
    “Hands Raised”
  • Mar 18, 2018“Hands of Fear”
    Mar 18, 2018
    “Hands of Fear”

    When in your life were you the most afraid? Have you ever been so gripped by fear that your hands literally shook? All of us experience fear from time to time. Today we will use the Gospel scripture, from the Passion Narrative, to look closely at Peter's denial of Jesus. Peter loved Jesus and wanted desperately to be faithful, however he failed to do so miserably. Was it due to fear? Isaiah reminds us that God tells us to “fear not" and that he will uphold us with his Right Hand; God will take hold of our hands. The Psalmist reminds us that with God, we have nothing to fear and yet, we, like Peter, are all guilty of giving in to fear and denying Jesus.

  • Mar 11, 2018“Hands of Anger”
    Mar 11, 2018
    “Hands of Anger”

    This morning, we will go to church with Jesus as he enters the Temple. Jesus is angered when he encounters social injustices being carried out in the name of religion, so he responds by driving out the money changers and those who were selling animals for sacrifice. For most of us, when we think of Jesus, we don't picture an "angry" Jesus. Instead, we think of Jesus being more meek, mild, kind, soft spoken and loving.  However, in this instance, Jesus was angry. Many of us are angry. It seems there is a spirit of anger in us throughout our country. Anger, in and of itself is not a sin. But anger can easily lead to sin. What would Jesus have us do with our anger? Are there constructive ways in which we can direct our anger for the sake of God's Kingdom? 


    Next Sunday’s Sermon: Hands of Fear - Pastor Charlie Rentz


  • Mar 4, 2018“Hands of Mercy”
    Mar 4, 2018
    “Hands of Mercy”
  • Mar 4, 2018“The Urgency of the Gospel”
    Mar 4, 2018
    “The Urgency of the Gospel”

    About Bishop Ken Carter

    Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
    Resident Bishop of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church

    Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. is resident bishop of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Along with the Cabinet, he gives pastoral and administrative leadership to almost 700 congregations, fresh expressions of church, campus ministries and outreach initiatives in an episcopal area that stretches from Tallahassee and Jacksonville to Miami and the Keys. He came to the Florida Conference in 2012, following a ministry of almost thirty years in Western North Carolina; twenty-nine as a local church pastor.

    Bishop Carter is the president-designate of the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church and in 2018-2020 he will serve as president.  He is one of three moderators of A Way Forward, the commission  authorized by the General Conference in matters of unity and human sexuality.  

    His great hope for the church is that she will rediscover an orthodox Christian faith which offers the radically inclusive grace of God to all people, and at the same time calls every follower of Jesus to inner holiness, missional compassion and hopeful witness. He travels extensively across the state preaching in local churches and encouraging lay and clergy leaders.

    Bishop Carter and his wife, Pam have been married for thirty-five years.  Pam is also an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church, and she serves in missions and volunteer development on the staff of First UMC in Lakeland.  They are blessed with two adult daughters:  Liz lives in Los Angeles, where she is a PhD. student at U.C.L.A. and Abby is a youth minister at Soapstone UMC in Raleigh.  

    The Carters consider it a great blessing to live and serve in Florida.


  • Feb 18, 2018“Hands of Prayer”
    Feb 18, 2018
    “Hands of Prayer”

    Our Lenten Season started with Ash Wednesday this past week. Together we gathered in the sanctuary for a solemn, but beautifully moving service. Upon receiving the Imposition of Ashes, we begin this journey with Jesus, which will ultimately lead to Jerusalem, a Cross and on Easter, the Risen Christ. The next 40 days are a time of repentance, penitence, fasting and prayer. As we move forward with the "Hands" theme, we will look closely at the Hands of Prayer. On the night Jesus was betrayed, he went to Gethsemane where he asked his Heavenly Father if there was any other way. He prayed, "Not my will, but Thy will be done." Have you ever wondered how we communicate with our hands when we pray? May we come before God in this hour with open hearts and open hands.  

  • Jan 28, 2018“Lifetime Supply”
    Jan 28, 2018
    “Lifetime Supply”

    During the month of January, the messages have focused on God's Vision for us as a congregation and as individuals. We have talked about how precious life is and how quickly time passes. We have been reminded that God is already at work "upstream" preparing the way for us. Last week, pastor Sam reminded us that is not just seen, but also heard when we truly listen to the voice of God. This morning, we will reflect on some of the basic gifts given to us by God and following the vision to share these gifts. "The jar of flour didn't decrease nor did the bottle of oil run out, just as the Lord spoke through Elijah." 1 Kings 17:16

  • Jan 21, 2018“Listen- God is Calling”
    Jan 21, 2018
    “Listen- God is Calling”
    Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center. We are so thankful that God called you to worship here this morning! Today, Pastor Sam leads us through the call of young Samuel as recorded in 1 Samuel 3. Even as a small boy, God gave Samuel the courage to hear and listen to His word; with it he responded. May God give us the courage to listen and respond to God's Word this morning. My prayer is that we can all lean forward and in our hearts speak the words of Samuel, "Lord speak, for thy servant hears." 


  • Jan 14, 2018“An Upstream God”
    Jan 14, 2018
    “An Upstream God”

    Last Sunday was a great beginning to 2018! This morning we continue to seek God's purpose and vision for our lives and for us as a church. We will look closely at the text from Joshua chapter three, where after 40 years in the wilderness, the Israelites cross over the Jordan into the Promised  Land.Today, we reflect on our blessed past and how we are to heed God's call towards a glorious future, because He is at work Upstream!


  • Jan 7, 2018“Don’t Blink”
    Jan 7, 2018
    “Don’t Blink”

    Our God is a God of New Beginnings! The Bible is a book of New Beginnings! Today is a day of New Beginnings as we gather for worship and Holy Communion on this first Sunday of 2018. We are all familiar with the expression "time flies," and most of us can truly relate to this concept. We might even be asking the question, "Where did last year go? Is it 2018 already?"  Yes; 2018 is here!!! I can think of no better way to begin a new year than by being in God's House for worship, hearing God's Word for our lives and gathering around the Table that Jesus has prepared for us. I truly look forward to 2018 and to the many incredible blessings God has for us as a church. Today is a day of New Beginnings!